Teaching & Learning

Schools within our Trust have the autonomy to design their own curriculum and develop their own teaching and learning strategies based around what’s right for their pupils and the  communities that they serve.

Through our shared working, Head teachers from across the Trust have identified the key principles and commonalities within our schools that define effective teaching and learning. These have been incorporated into a Trust level ‘Teaching & Learning’ policy that summarises our vision for teaching across the Trust. An extract can be found below. For access to the full document, please contact the Empower Trust administration team.



The Vision for Teaching Across the Trust

What We Must Do

  • Ensure inspirational teaching is informed by current educational research
  • Ensure all pupils achieve their own potential regardless of barriers to learning
  • Raise standards and accelerate pupil progress through quality first teaching, high quality marking and the effective use of academic targets and success criteria to offer pupils clear guidance on how to improve;
  • Continue to recruit effectively (good quality staff);
  • Have high aspirations and ambition for all.

Delivered through:

  • An exciting and inspiring curriculum with lots of opportunities for visits and visitors and hands on experiences related to real life contexts;
  • Excellent teaching in fit-for-purpose environments that are well resourced;
  • Responsive, pro-active and effective monitoring mechanisms.

Supported by:

  • Excellent pastoral care
  • Systematic trust-wide staff development
  • High quality resources
  • Strong parental and community engagement
  • A supportive and highly skilled Trust Board and Local Governing Boards
  • Astute financial management
  • Clear guidelines, policies and processes that everyone understands and follows.


We see teaching and learning as a process of co-operative team work, and welcome and encourage joint working across the Trust and the involvement of parents and others in the community.



All members of our Trust community (teaching and non-teaching staff, parents, pupils, governors and trustees) work towards the Trust’s aims by:

  • valuing children as individuals and respecting their rights, values and beliefs
  • fostering and promoting good relationships and a sense of belonging to the Trust and individual school communities
  • providing a well ordered environment in which all are fully aware of behavioural expectations
  • offering equal opportunities in all aspects of school life and recognising the importance of different cultures
  • encouraging, praising and positively reinforcing good relationships, behaviours and work
  • proactively working as a team, supporting and encouraging one another.

School Leaders and Teachers work towards the Trust’s aims by:

  • providing a coherently planned and sequenced curriculum that is ambitious and designed to give all pupils, particularly disadvantaged pupils and including pupils with SEND, the knowledge and cultural capital they need to succeed in life
  • recognising and being constantly aware of the needs of each individual child according to ability and aptitude
  • ensuring that learning is progressive and continuous and embeds children’s ability to know and understand more over time
  • being good role models – punctual, well prepared and organised
  • maintaining an up-to-date knowledge of the National Curriculum, Ofsted Framework and relevant educational research
  • having a positive attitude to change and the development of their own expertise
  • establishing links with the local community, including industry, to prepare pupils for life in modern Britain and for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult life
  • working collaboratively with a shared philosophy and commonality of practice.

Pupils work towards the Trust’s aims by:

  • attending school in good health maintained by adequate diet, exercise and sleep
  • attending school regularly
  • being punctual and ready to begin lessons on time
  • being organised – bringing necessary kit, taking letters home promptly, returning reading books regularly
  • conducting themselves in an orderly manner in line with the expected code of discipline
  • taking growing responsibility for their own learning.

Parents work toward the Trust’s aims by:

  • ensuring that children attend school in good health, regularly and punctually
  • providing support for the discipline within the school and for the teacher’s role
  • being realistic about their children’s abilities and offering encouragement and praise
  • participating in discussions concerning their child’s progress and attainments
  • ensuring early contact with school to discuss matters which affect a child’s happiness, progress and behaviour
  • giving due importance to homework, hearing reading and assisting in learning of tables and spellings
  • allowing their children to take increasing responsibility as they progress throughout the school.


Trust Curriculum Intent Statement

Empower Trust academies deliver the National Curriculum by promoting innovative and dynamic approaches to learning. The curriculum aims to raise aspirations for all our children and nurture their ambitions for future success.

Our mission is to ensure that we give every child the very best education possible – socially, morally and academically. We believe that education needs to be stimulating and motivational. Academies within Empower Trust demonstrate the courage to innovate and empower every member of the school community to play their part in developing exciting and imaginative child-centred learning experiences.

Empower Trust celebrates the fact that every school is different.  Each academy delivers the National Curriculum but the curriculum offer is tailored to make the most effective use of the school’s locality and to meet the needs of its children. The curriculum is accessible to all children and supports all children to become successful learners and to develop into young people of whom the family, academy and community can be proud.



Empower Trust academies ensure every child receives a high quality education within an inclusive, caring environment by:

  • Enabling each child to become a happy, confident and enthusiastic learner, willing to take risks with their learning – to be the best they can be;
  • Guiding, supporting and inspiring every child to fulfil their potential, emotionally, physically, spiritually and intellectually, both during their time at school and in their life ahead;
  • Providing an excellent academic and holistic education inclusive of access to sporting, cultural and artistic activities;
  • Fostering life skills, positive attitudes, resilience and conscientious application of study skills;
  • Developing a culture of inclusion and diversity in which everyone – children, parents, staff, governors and members of the community – is welcomed and their opinions valued.



There are some common curriculum features in all of our academies, including:

  • An engaging and inspirational curriculum and extra-curricular activities to broaden opportunity and experience for all children;
  • Access to the full range of National Curriculum subjects and schemes of work;
  • A drive to inspire and motivate life-long learners through trips, residentials and visitors into schools;
  • A culture of mutual respect and teamwork – between children, parents, staff and governors;
  • An early and consistent focus on developing key literacy and numeracy skills; and
  • A focus on developing healthy schools – including a focus on maintaining the mental health and well-being of children and adults.

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