Congratulations to St George’s Junior School on achieving ‘Good’ in their recent Ofsted Inspection!
Congratulations to St George’s Junior School for achieving ‘Good’ in their recent Ofsted Inspection. 
Thank you to the Executive Headteacher, Mrs Munro, Head of School, Mrs Lee and all staff for their commitment and hard work in achieving this fantastic result!
Some highlights from the report are as follows:
Behaviour and attitudes: Good
‘Pupils behave well here’.
St George’s pupils demonstrate their positive role and their contributions to school life and the wider community through being ‘Respectful, Responsible and Hard-working and showing the behaviours of the ‘St. George’s Way and we are extremely proud of them.
Quality of Education: Good
‘Leaders are ambitious for pupils. They have clear expectations for what pupils should be taught. In most subjects, pupils do well. Across some of the foundation subjects, leaders are working to develop the curriculum further.
‘Throughout the school, pupils enjoy reading from a wide range of books. ‘Staff encourage pupils’ interest in books by reading to them everyday.’
St George’s curriculum intentions are based upon prior learning and creating experiences that are exciting and progressive. The school drives ‘Excellence and Achievement’ for future ambition and ensure our pupils have support and opportunity to become well-rounded and emotionally healthy citizens. As part of their drive for continuous improvements, over the last academic year, staff have worked hard to develop and introduce a 3-11 curriculum in partnership with Woodfield Infant School. This new curriculum will be fully embedded from September 2023.
Personal Development: Good
‘Pupils are happy here. They enjoy coming to school and attend regularly’.
‘Pupils form strong positive relationships with their teachers and their peers. Because of this, pupils know who to turn to should they need support, and they feel safe here’.
‘Leaders prioritise Personal Development’.
St George’s would like to thank all of their pupils, their families, staff, Governors, Empower Trust, and the whole school community for helping make St. George’s Junior School a place for children to be happy and successful in their education.
Leadership and Management: Good
Leaders are ambitious for pupils’.
‘Leaders prioritise pupils’ personal development’.
‘Leaders are quick to identify pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND)’.
‘Leaders ensure that pupils have ample opportunity to develop their passions outside of the classroom’.
‘Governors are committed to their roles and aware of their statutory duties’.

The Ofsted outcome is a celebration for the school. We know the hard work doesn’t stop here. The school’s journey is planned around continual improvement and so they will strive to develop the school even further to maintain the high standards of care and education, and obtain further future success.

The full report can be accessed HERE