Market Drayton Infant School awarded The Wellbeing Award for Schools!
Congratulations to Market Drayton Infant School who have been awarded The Wellbeing Award for Schools which is  a National Standard for Positive Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing!
Executive Headteacher, Sam Scott and Head of School, Kerry Simmons commented “Mental Health and Wellbeing is at the heart of everything we do in our school and completing the award ensures that all systems and procedures are in place. All stakeholders now have a good understanding of how to keep themselves mentally well and understand that it is the responsibility of everyone to support each other. Empower Trust, have also produced a variety of supportive documents to further enhance the work of the school. Developing a website of information over the last three years has ensured that information is shared as best as it can with parents and there is also a children section with helpful videos on to support learning at home. The school continues to have strong links with other agencies and works proactively to support them too”.

Report highlights: 

Parents and carers say that, although this is a large school, it feels like a big family.

‘A lovely school, very caring and it does some very important work in the town.’

‘I saw amazing care.’

‘My child is very supported and there has been a big change in him, it’s been really comforting.’

“It is all these little things they put in place that help to build my child’s confidence but make sure every child has a safe place.” Parent response to Ofsted

‘The wellbeing award has had a very positive impact especially with the introduction of the wellbeing days and we are very grateful to have a child and family worker. The children are always happy.’

Staff say – ‘Our school is very much about the mental health and wellbeing of all, not just the staff, but also the children and their parents/carers.’

‘EWMH is the responsibility of everyone in school, not just the SMT.’

‘We have lots of policies in place to promote good wellbeing. We all struggle at times and we are very good at recognising when this is happening to someone, and we are good at supporting each other.’